RiotKit’s Repairman

Keeps an eye on unhealthy and exited containers. Provides Kubernetes-like functionality to non-Kubernetes environments.

Works with docker, docker-compose, in future can possibly work without an issue with any clusters or even on RKT, LXC and others.


  • Automatic restart of unhealthy containers
  • Configurable wait time between container restarts
  • Maximum restarts in configured time, after that configured longer wait time
  • Removing of duplicated services created with hash-prefixes by docker-compose (ex. after watchtower update)
  • Notifications to Slack/Mattermost (with configurable levels: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING)
  • Configured default settings via environment variables or console switches
  • Each service can override default configuration using Docker Labels
  • Lightweight and independent! Provides Kubernetes-like functionality to non-Kubernetes environments
  • Can run as a docker container
  • Health check endpoint

From authors

Project was started as a part of RiotKit initiative, for the needs of grassroot organizations such as:

  • Fighting for better working conditions syndicalist (International Workers Association for example)
  • Tenants rights organizations
  • Various grassroot organizations that are helping people to organize themselves without authority

RiotKit Collective